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The political transformations of 1989 brought new freedoms that have considerably widened the societal outlook of the populace, yet many of the cultural movements are still in their infancy and consequently a large part of the elderly population is still rural and dependant on agriculture.

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The birth of these customs is usually rooted in fear of the unknown, an inability to explain natural events, as well as an attempt to achieve happiness, health or beauty.Bernolak published his new language in his "Grammatica Slavica" in 1790.The language was further developed in 1843, when an agreement on the codification of Slovak as a written language was made.The Slovak National Library (1863), located in Martin, includes a collection of materials relating to Slovak culture. The Slovak National Museum (founded in 1893), located in Bratislava, contains exhibits on Slovak history, archaeology, and musicology, and is probably the country's best-known museum.Other museums include the Slovak National Gallery (1948), also in Bratislava; the Slovak National Uprising Museum (1955), located in Banska Bystrica; and the Museum of Eastern Slovakia (1872), in Kosice.

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