Sisqo who is he dating

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And for the last time, Sisqo is NOT gay, and he would not be with this fat ass, old ass woman. Ok, maybe she's not fat now that I look at her, but she is out of shape as hell! N 4 yaw dudes who think he gay....n leave ya gul in da room with um. He used to date Samantha Mumba a few years ago and he also has a teen daughter so obviously he must like women. As far as talent people can say whatever they want but you can't take away the fact that Sisqo is a DAMN GOOD singer.

N 4 the fag sayin Sisqo gon get ol girl aids...u need to be smacked ass clown..a person is gay or lesbian wateva..mean they automatically got AIDS u stupid fuck!!! There aren't many R&B singers out there today that can sing like Sisqo, he's also a great entertainer.

Meanwhile, Sisqo and the rest of Dru Hill are on the new reality series "Keith Sweat's Platium House". Yaw sound right retarded..da gay ones ridin on this dude dick but damn by yaw sayin he gay that jus means that he made it.

Over his career as a recording artist, both with and without Dru Hill, Sisqó's hairstyles have included a bleached blond Caesar, a platinum Caesar (colored with silver spray paint), blond cornrows, a neon-red dyed Caesar, and a blond Mohawk.

After Woody left Dru Hill in 1999 to pursue a solo career, it was decided that the other members would follow suit and issue their own solo albums.

Sisqo was touring Europe in 1999 with his then band Dru Hill, when he spotted the pretty 14-year-old across the dancefloor at a nightclub called 'El Cubanito'.

Jamila, who says she had just one drink, said: 'He was standing by the bar surrounded by beautiful women.'But as I walked in with my friends he stared right at me.

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