My ex is dating a felon

“It’s about all the tea that I have to spill on the faith-based world.I was in that world, so I have inside dirt information.You are attempting to enter a private internet forum.

You find out the new girlfriend spent the entire visitation weekend there, including overnights.

When a guy opens up to you, when he shares his dreams, his fears, his hopes, his wishes, his motivations, etc., he is investing in you.

By investing in you, he is committing himself to you.

If your case is one in which the new paramour absolutely should not be around your child then you will want a stay away order.

For instance, if the new paramour is a registered sex offender, introduced your ex to controlled substances, has an extensive criminal history some of which involves crimes against a child, or your child does not want to be around this person because they make them uncomfortable (there will need to be elaboration on this) or anything of that nature then you would want to consult with an attorney and seek a modification.

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