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(Only most of them.) And there’s no bigger hockey lie at this time of year than this one: “the loudest building in the NHL.” That’s because, come playoff time, virtually every building in the league gets that designation from someone, somewhere.

It’s become an annual tradition around the hockey world, this daily anointing of some random town as the loudest building in the league, simply because the fans finally bothered to show up and make some noise for a change.

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The correspondents of Stadium Journey have now reviewed more than 2,050 venues, and we continue to make return visits to update our information and assessments for you the fan.

I sat in the student section; Mike Comrie set people on fire and laughed about it.

I don't know anything about Mike Comrie's childhood but I know it involved ants and a magnifying glass.

And through the first two games, the Ducks looked the part.

Both times, the Jets held a lead in the third period.

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