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Five years after his two-million-record-selling, Wembley-filling band’s third and last album, Borrell is releasing his first solo record. Mc Cartney 1, Mc Cartney 2.” That is: if those musical legends can numerate their solo albums, why can’t he? And you’re saying to me you enjoyed the record, blah blah blah. With that title, I suggest, isn’t he asking for trouble? “So when you put your name on a record...” the 33 year-old begins, frowning, exasperated. Song titles include Pan-European Supermodel Song, Dahlia Rondo, Cyrano Masochiste and Dahlia Allegro. “There may be a number two, there may be number three, a number four. “Scott Walker – Scott 1, Scott 2, Scott 3, Scott 4. ” It is, at this point, unclear whether the singer-songwriter has seen the online derision that followed the announcement last month of the track listing for Borrell 1. I would only get asked that question from the UK.” So he’s already had to defend it? The press guys were like, oh, you might be asking for trouble, which is exactly what you said.” Exasperation blooms into indignation. Because that’s an unpretentious title to me, right?

The title track of the EP was subsequently used in the soundtrack of the 1998 Michael Winterbottom film 'I Want You'.Yeah, that’s right – Johnny Borrell was the frontman of Razorlight who were one of the IT bands of the 00s for a short time.This meant that they headlined Reading Festival (or thereabouts) off the back of one radio hit, wore stupid clothes, dressed and acted like twats and ultimately faded from the mainstream just as quickly as they entered it.“Here’s where we totally f*cked it up for everyone,” he said.“I think you can kind of say that in 2006, at the start of this video, music was in quite an interesting place.

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