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My last meetup and convention was in Lancaster in..:. Our goal with the convention is to have my younger sister meet a yourube star, but unlike her I have no plans and will be likely just hanging around.

I'll come back and edit this post later in the week to include a photo so anyone interested (or afraid! Thanks again for your amazing support everyone, especially during Zenkaikon!

Pets are fine as well - send me an E-mail if you want me to check whether a specific meetup location allows them.

Thus far mariadb has proven to be more robust, and efficient, we have actually seen a 20% increase in site performance since the change. This website hosts forums, blogs, an event calendar, polls and more for furries (and furry-friendly people) that are in Pennsylvania and nearby areas.Furries that are thinking of moving to or visiting Pennsylvania are also welcome to participate. It's me again and guess what I want to sleep on the floor of your hotel room.We looked at the numbers last year and estimated that about 16% of furries—1 in 6—are women who may be interested in a relationship with a guy.And many of those will already be in a relationship, or otherwise not available.

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