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Megan Fraser, 33, makeup artist/comedian I signed up for Ok Cupid and Tinder because I guess that's the thing to do and a lot of my friends have had success, but all I get are really old guys and weirdos.I don't really want to find someone online, but I stay on Ok Cupid because sometimes you need that ego boost of seeing the all the messages from guys and having them call you pretty.

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One swipe can hand you an instant ego boost or the promise of a future meet-up with a cute stranger, but navigating a world of nude texts, fake profiles and “Netflix and chill” can also feel exhausting, demoralizing and never-ending.

I’m withholding my name to protect my marriage, but the people, the places and the dates are just as I describe.

It all began in the spring of 2011, after several bellinis at a Milestones with my best friend.

She giddily whispered in my ear that she was having an affair with someone she had met on Ashley, the hook-up website targeted at married people.

She pulled out her i Phone and surreptitiously showed me a picture of her paramour.

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