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While most are eager to work with employees who require some form of workplace accommodation under human rights legislation spelt out the provinces, they struggle to do so as the scope of protected rights expands, often with some ambiguity.

Businesses already accommodate staff due to their religion, age, disability or one of the other protected grounds, but don’t be surprized if vegan or yoga get tacked on to that list. In December, for example, the Ontario Human Rights Commission updated its definition of a ‘creed’ under the province’s Human Rights Code.

I ain't a-going to be accommodating to a boy that puts me off in the dark.

Observe that in accommodating for the near object, one is conscious of a distinct effort.

The house she took was capable of accommodating several families, and she considered it a safe investment for her "earnings." I shall leave the place, though certainly not with any intention of accommodating you.

It was distinguished by a large boot, made for the purpose of accommodating the Great Commoner's gouty leg.

A creed: This broadened interpretation could have significant implications for employers across Ontario—and Canada, if other provinces follow Ontario’s lead.

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However, the way we handle conflict with a colleague at work may be very different than with a friend or spouse.

As the OHRC explained in a statement: Creed may also include non-religious belief systems that, like religion, substantially influence a person’s identity, worldview and way of life.

The following characteristics are relevant when considering if a belief system is a creed under the Code.

Don't talk about 'accommodations' or 'an accommodation'.assist, assistance, help, aid - the activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose; "he gave me an assist with the housework"; "could not walk without assistance"; "rescue party went to their aid"; "offered his help in unloading"Now as this law, under a modified form, is to this day in force in England; and as it offers in various respects a strange anomaly touching the general law of Fast and Loose-Fish, it is here treated of in a separate chapter, on the same courteous principle that prompts the English railways to be at the expense of a separate car, specially reserved for the for many horses and carriages; but I need only describe the stable into which I was taken; this was very roomy, with four good stalls; a large swinging window opened into the yard, which made it pleasant and airy.

might be found for every body, calling on his wife to agree with him, that with a little contrivance, every body might be lodged, which she hardly knew how to do, from the consciousness of there being but two spare rooms in the house.

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